About Me

Hello! I’m Yanay Artiles Morales.


Yanay Artiles is our clinical Director behavior Analyst Board Certificate (BCBA), founder and president of YAMTherapyServices, she has completed a master’s degree in prevention and psychological intervention in behavioral problems specialized in cognitive behavioral therapy at the international university of Valencia, Spain. began working as a registered behavior technician (RBT) and later has worked as Analyst assistant (BCaBA). Yanay works diligent to ensure that your child receives a personalized treatment plan, based in each child individual needs and preferences, that help them to improve their social, communication and learning skills while decreasing the frequency of problems behaviors, providing them the best tools to succeed at home, school and community and become more independent, As well as provide caregiver training to give families and caregivers alike the tools and strategies need to carry out the principles of ABA across all setting that a child encounters day to day.