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What is ABA therapy?

ABA is a scientific behavioral approach that uses learning techniques and principles meaningful change. Developmentally centered. ABA capitalizes on learning by increasing opportunities and using the things a child already enjoys teaching them new skills. It is a structured data -driven way to shape and mold actions and encourage effective communication by looking at what is reinforcing it. This includes breaking down activities into pieces in order to aim for smaller daily objectives rather than broad sweeping goals. ABA therapy is considered medically necessary treatment for people diagnosed with autism and other developmental disabilities. It is a field of psychology that focuses on behavioral interventions which employs evidence- based and systematic methods of producing desirable changes in behavior, which employs evidence -based and systematic methods of producing desirable changes in behavior, which are both positive and meaningful. ABA posits that behavioral change occurs through learning.

How we work?

Aba therapy services can be performed in Home, School, and Community. Our working team of professional Registered behavior technician (RBT), Behavior assistant certification board (BCaBA) and Board-Certified Behavior Analysts (BCBA) provide direct services focusing on each child individualized goals, once these are reached, they will be reevaluated. An individualized program will be designed by a lead analyst to ensure your child will be receiving the most effective interventions, with the aim of promoting each child skills and personal needs, as well as their families’ necessities, to become more independent and successful in the short term as well as in the future. Our applied behavior analysis (ABA) program is designed to promote a desire change in children life. 

Our services include

  • 1:1 service with ABA therapist
  • Natural environment Teaching (NET) and Discrete Trial training (DTT) instructional methods
  • Family Support and Training
  • Individualized Programming for each child
  • Potential Consultation with public and Private school, Day care centers and preschool
  • Functional behavior assessment and behavior intervention plan development

Parent Training Program
Family involvement is essential for any successful ABA intervention at YAM therapy services we are commitment to provide training on using behavioral procedures for all caregivers. Consultation time will be spent with parent to discuss ongoing maladaptive behaviors and conduct parent training. Our BCBAs work one – on one with families to ensure your child develop their learning goals in a natural environment.

What to expect with
ABA Therapy …

Our team is provided with insurance information so we can coordinate the eligibility and benefits of your plan. Once this phase is complete, an initial assessment is conducted by our specialist. The information gathered by our lead analyst helps us create a Behavior Intervention Plan designed to meet your child’s needs. Then we coordinate the hours of treatment and the best way to implement the programs to achieve your child’s behavioral goals.

We believe that everyone is an individual with unique qualities and capabilities, whether it is a member of our team or one of the children and / or families that at we serve.  We promote a culture of learning, empathy, belonging and share our core values. We empower authenticity, foster creativity and growth by improving the quality of life for individuals diagnosed with ASD and other developmental disabilities.

Our mission through best practices in applied behavior analysis is to help individuals with Autism and developmental disabilities to increase skills in language, play, and socialization and create a positive difference and significantly improve the quality of children’s life while at the same time decreasing or eliminating behaviors that could interfere with a child’s development.

Our ABA therapies are applied on individualized goals that will be reevaluated as the child reaches these targets. Each child will receive a functional behavior, language, and learning assessment which will assess the child across multiple skill sets, and daily living skills.

“An individualized program will be designed by the lead analyst to ensure that your child is receiving the most effective interventions for the child’s development.”

Clinical Team

  • Board Certified behavioral Analyst (BCBA): Conduct the behavioral assessment to formulate and supervise a successful and customized Treatment plan. 
  • Board Certified assistant behavior Analyst (BCaBA): Responsible for successfully implementing treatment plan developed by the BCBA and works closely with the BCBA and RBT, Patient and Families to accomplish the goal.
  • Registered Behavior Technician (RBT): Provides Home, School, and community-based ABA services. this includes the implementation of a treatment plan developed by lead Analyst addressing communication, behavior, feeding, ADls and social skills.

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